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Star, a random dancer

This is Star, a random dancer I meet at a club in Tulsa OK. She is a submissive bisexual, or at least was willing to act that way on camera. You will see “Spellbook Software on a lot of my images, that was my DBA in those days. If it wasn’t for the file names I would not remember her name. I don’t know if I ever had her real name.

Star,a submissive

Here is the first example of how little it takes to start torturing a submissive. I asked, sorta, can I put clamps on your nipples and she said, “OK”.

You can tell by her face they were on a little tighter than she expected.

Star,chained to my bed.

And here we see what it takes to get a submissive to allow you to chain her (granted with decorative chains) to your bed. A camera and “It’s for the shoot”



Star, Vickie and Suzi

And this is what it took to get my then wife and her best friend to go down on a random dancer they sorta knew from work.



Here is the rest of the shoot, more or less unedited.

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